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Renting Vintage Airstream for many Usages

The appeal of an Airstream is desirable and collectible and the Airstream travel trailer is designed to make your vacation or Business trip original fun and enjoyable.  Airstream fans have many ideas of how to get the most of their dreams and idea’s into reality.  We at Storage Oregon want to be part of your next adventure, let us share our low cost vintage Air Stream with you.

Watch our youtube video and see how nice this trailer is inside and out.


Here at Storage Oregon we can accommodate the needs of any kind of event. Whether it be a family reunion, wedding, or a family get way. Possibilities also include a Corporate  retreat, on- site office , community fair or Saturday Market for vendors. Airstreams can provide that memorable gathering place where the bride and bridesmaids can use it as a changing room. If you’re planning a wedding, what could be better than a Airstream to facilitate it. IE: The  bridal party can have everything they need, privacy and plenty of room to get ready for the special occasion. Then you can just hook-er up and turn the same trailer into the honeymoon suite for the newly weds.  Our long term rental package(s) will save you money. Again it’s up to your imagination what event or accommodations our Airstreams could be used for.  A variety of events that our Airstream with its distinctive vintage lookcould provide could be the perfect backdrop for the photographers of  many wedding families, to the cooperate retreat the boss has been talking up all year.

Maybe your at the fair or festival to sell your merchandise, why not do it in style. The Airstream is always more attractive and charming than a small tent or booth. Our Airstream can provide the comfort of home or office while you display your product outside. Affordable… As my grandpa would say,” Living on a beer bottle budget with a champagne tastes”,  well I am here to tell you that in this instance you can. The Airstream gives your audience a sense of wonder and prosperity, and security.

Use us for your cooperate ventures, and reduce, reduce, reduce.  Renting from us gives you the ability to house your salesperson for pennies on the dollar while making them feel special by giving them the home away from home.  What a perk they will say amongst themselves.  They will never know it cost you less to rent from us than to purchase a hotel room in many cases over the long term.

As a reward make a package vacation for your employee should they reach the goal you have set .  It’s all about taking the family away from the city noise to some where unfamiliar and explore. No phone, fax machine or computer. The idea sells itself. Your profit explodes while your employees strive to meet and exceed your goals and your out very little pocket monies.

Imagine packing up the family for a week or having a large gathering while discovering the great Northwest. What would be more adventurous then doing it in a 1955 Airstream, the Rolls Royce of travel trailers. A trip to Disneyland for your little Princess or Peter Pan would definitely make cherished memories that your children would not soon forget and would share with their children.

Check out the savings you could have by renting from us :


Our 26’ Foot Overlander Rental Packages:

1 Period            $80.00 per Rental Period

7+ Periods        $70.00 per Rental Period

14+ Periods        $60.00 per Rental Period

Does not include the $500.00 Security Deposit

The rental period is defined as a period of up to 24 hours

Season Leases Available

Non- Commercial

Winter            $800.00 Month(30 Days) 3 month Minimum

Spring/ Summer    $850.00 Month(30 Days) 3 month Minimum

The Security Deposit will be refunded within two weeks of return of the Air Stream when the trailer is returned as pristine as when it left the lot.

Absolutely no smoking inside the Airstream is allowed. Failure to heed this policy will result in forfeiture of the entire Security Deposit.

When the Airstream returns to complete the end of the rental you will receive half of your $50.00 cleaning deposit if the inside of the trailer is clean as when it left the lot. We use this to provide exceptionally clean units.

Pet Deposit for well behaved pet’s is $200.00 This means that all pet hair must be removed prior to return of the Airstream to the lot. In addition to no accrued stains as this will incur total loss of deposit. As with the security deposit, the refund of the Pet Deposit will be refunded within two weeks of return of the Airstream when the trailer is returned as pristine as when it left the lot.

Allow us to help you make that memorable trip by the use of Our Airstream.

    Your outdoor adventure awaits!

How about an Airstreams and cars moved by trains:   Warning,  not every Airstream Idea  works!


At Storage Oregon we always wish you the best!


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One thought on “Renting Vintage Airstream for many Usages

  1. How do I receive info about available summer dates for the newly restored airstream. Also, what is the length of this rig? Daily rate?
    Thanks! Lisa

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