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Buy Rent or Renovate: Airstream.

The project starts here by having the idea that owning an Airstream would be like owning a Harley Davidson. The joy of owning an american icon is its’ own right is a thrill next to none.


Now comes the part of the equation and question” Do I purchase a project trailer or purchase new?”

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We are now taking summer 2014 dates for our Newest Airstream Rental, 1954 Overland please review the improved insides.

We will soon introduce our next classic trailer for rent.  With the  successful 1965 classic Overlander we would like to let you see the nostalgic value of the 1950′s.  Our skillful and articulate craftsman from Tree House Trailers and Gifts  has done it again. He has transformed the 1954 Air Stream into a masterpiece. The unit has been revived into something that is serviceable once again. Randall has truly made it look like it is not the same trailer. See for yourself and comment on the difference.

1954 Overlander Air Stream Landyacht for rent. $80.00 a day with a 2 day minimum

Only $80.00 per day

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Low cost vehicle parking and storage

Is your driveway or backyard smaller than your love for camping or boating? Do you need to store your truck or RV for an extended period of time? Are you looking for seasonal or permanent storage for your soon to be recreational vehicle. Possibly looking to gain a quote for storage for the travel trailer of your dreams. We believe in giving you clear and concise answers to your questions before you purchase. Call us at Storage Oregon today and find out for your self!

Give us a call,  E-Mail, or come by our Office

We will be happy to help.


Our mission is to make your visit as pleasurable as possible every time. Offering a large assortment of parking spaces for your personal vehicles to large RVs and fifth wheels. Our site encompasses 8 Acres of available parking for your convenience which solves the problem of neighborhood ordinances and home parking space limitations.

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Airstream Vacation Ideas: Making quality vacations affordable

      Most of the time when a person thinks about vacation, it is a place far far away from their home town. The tides are changing in our culture as the pocket book gets a little tighter and the realization that there are places in our own back yard that we didn’t know that even existed.

      I’ve done just this and fell in love with the Oregon Coast. It is a place of tranquility when I need it to be, or the party by the beach that everyone will talk about for years to come.

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Airstreams History


Air Stream is the Harley Davidson of travel trailers. When you see one as you passing it on the road you automatically are taken in by the sleek lines and the familiar mirror of the skin.

In Jackson Ohio Air Streams are born through a production line that is ¾ of a mile long. You will find not one robot like what you might at an automotive plant. Piece by piece the trailer comes to life in a sequence laid out and improved upon since the time of Wally Byam in 1929.

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Storage Oregon Services

Our primary business at Storage Oregon  is RV Storage where the customer can feel secure that their vehicle is secure. We have ten free services to earn your RV parking and storage business. Rental spaces are available from as low as $25.00 monthly. Rentals are month to month on the anniversary date of the the customer moves in. We also have available spaces for Semi Parking.

At our location you have the option of booking a reservation of a U-Haul moving truck or trailer.

All made to make your move easier

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What is a Brake Controller for Trailers

A brake controller allows the trailer that a driver is towing to slow down from a traveling speed to a smooth and even stop. The brake controller tells the trailer’s brake system how much braking power is needed to stop the trailer.Thus a brake controller is often an essential tool for those who need to tow.

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Tips on how to avoid a big mess when using a dump station.

This is the universal Sign For dump stations.


Almost all trailers will have two holding tanks. The black tanks will hold sewage and grey water tanks will hold waste water from sinks and showers. Always dump the black water tank before the grey water tank so the grey water tank can clean the residue from the hose with soapy water.


A great idea is to wait until your black water tank is half full before dumping. You will get better tank evacuation due to the release pressure will be greater.  You might want to think about topping up your holding tanks with water just before dumping. Do not leave the black-water tank valve open when hooked up at a campsite. This will cause the solid waste to be left behind while all of the liquids drain.


A good idea is to use a heavy-duty 6-8 ft long sewer hose to make handling easier. Check and make sure that you have the right size fittings. There is a difference in the fittings due to changes in model types. Always a good idea to attach the fittings to make sure they are what you need before hitting the road.


Make sure to take with you two hoses, One for sewer, and one for fresh water. A good idea is to have two distinct buckets with lids that you can tell apart from the other so that your fresh water hose doesn’t get anywhere close to the sewer or mixed in with the other hose. You will not want to use your fresh water hose if they do due to health issues.


“Pack and use disposable rubber gloves. Learn to remove the gloves without touching the outside – peal them off (inside out) and throw away. Leave the dump station area cleaner than you found it.”

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Renting Vintage Airstream for many Usages

The appeal of an Airstream is desirable and collectible and the Airstream travel trailer is designed to make your vacation or Business trip original fun and enjoyable.  Airstream fans have many ideas of how to get the most of their dreams and idea’s into reality.  We at Storage Oregon want to be part of your next adventure, let us share our low cost vintage Air Stream with you.

Watch our youtube video and see how nice this trailer is inside and out.

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