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Mobile Truck Fleet Detailing, Cleaning up your trucks is our business.

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Let us make your Semi truck, 18 wheeler,  and equipment shine.  Nothing represents success like a clean, protected and polished equipment.   Having you business trucks and equipment shine is important in today’s world of branding.   The image of dirty, or grimy unkempt equipment,  is associated with a poorly managed business, so cleaning your equipment can really help your company image which will help your bottom line.

Clean equipment provide for:

  • Improved public image—your company’s name and their truck shines.
  • Enhanced safety—clean vehicles especially after our rust reduction are easier to maintain.
  • Enhanced safety—clean and shiny vehicles are much easier to spot on the road.
  • Improved driver morale—drivers are proud to be seen in clean and shiny clean vehicles.
  • Improved vehicle life—vehicles paint and overall appearance last much longer when dirt, grime, and pollutants, are cleaned off.
  • Reduced costs —Storage Oregon mobile solutions provides everything including power source, safety equipment, training, manpower, cleaning products, equipment, parts, fuel.
  • Reduced hassles—Storage Oregon Truck detailing  is very  affordable values plus all work will be performed professionally, on time and on budget.
  • If there is a problem of any kind you can be confident that Storage Oregon will resolve it promptly to your satisfaction—our job is cleaning up, make you look good.

Storage Oregon can provide weekend mobile detailing equipment to your truck fleet, or we can do it at our industrial location, either way we will provide:

1.  Superior custom pressure wash applied to the whole truck body and wheels are tires.

2.  Have your truck attacked with a rust reducer and abatement process, that really works.

3.  After having a clean and shiny vehicle we  have your paint, chrome and tires sealed and protected with a high quality sealants that we beleive to be the best in the US.

4.  Finally a superior high quality aircraft  professional polished applied.

Your end product is regaining the WOW factor, that will remind you of the truck when it was new.

To learn more about our professional dealing please click here.

PS We offer secure storage with 24 hour access for your semi trucks, 18 wheelers or industrial equipment also here at Storage Oregon.   We have a excess parking for you to store your car or pick-up when your out driving your big rig or working on your equipment.  We have opened up a large area that will be convenient and allow easy in and out access for your parking purposes.  With our cities and local governments policies becoming much stricter,  you owe it to yourself to park in an industrial zoned area for trucking or getting tickets or warnings.

The safety of your valuable equipment or truck is very important to us,  so we have on live in managers to look over your equipment,  a barber wire topped fence, with 24 hour gated access where you never have to leave your seat to open, proving ease of use, while also designed to protect you equipment against theft and vandalism, which both appear to be raising in Salem do to the poor economy.

You can also enjoy the conveniences that are complimentary as a part of being our customer. The Complimentary Wash Station equipped with Pressure washer, Air & Vacuum please see our 10 free services. 

Come to Storage Oregon and enjoy the peace of mind that your truck and trailer can have a home too.


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