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Airstreams History

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Air Stream is the Harley Davidson of travel trailers. When you see one as you passing it on the road you automatically are taken in by the sleek lines and the familiar mirror of the skin.

In Jackson Ohio Air Streams are born through a production line that is ¾ of a mile long. You will find not one robot like what you might at an automotive plant. Piece by piece the trailer comes to life in a sequence laid out and improved upon since the time of Wally Byam in 1929.

They start with the lightest weight box channel steel frame metal that provides the best strength in the market. Using this gives the ability for any water to find its way out should it get into the underbelly of the trailer. Coated with paint it inhibits rust and provides the backbone from which to start the process of producing one of America’s loved Icons, The Air Stream.


Next the axles are installed along with the underbelly, the door step , and propane gas lines.


The axles employ an “immovable rubber torsion axle system” . This provides for a smoother ride due to fact that the rubber that is inserted between the spindel shaft and the steel axle tube is naturally self dampening which lowers the chance of trailer hop experienced with leaf springs found on most trailer systems. Because there is no metal to metal contact it makes for a quieter ride with no maintenance required.


With the axles in place the unit is turned back over to receive plumbing, tanks heat ducts, and insulation. Air Streams idea was to provide heat to the water tank so that it would not freeze in in-climate weather. When all is done and inspected,  the floor goes in and provides two distinct advantages for Air Stream. Number one, the floor is fastened to the frame causing a strong flooring system and two a means to attach the aluminum channels that join the “shell” and floor together.


Once the shell is in place and hand riveted to the channels it is time for the roof sheet to be put on. All the holes are cut out such as the windows, air conditioner, fans for the ceiling and bathroom. The next step of course is to install the components then seal them into place with a high grade sealant. The door is affixed along with all of the access panels creating the outside appearance of being almost done.


Trim & tail lights graphics are the last to be attached to the exterior of the trailer before it goes under an intensive bath of high water jets to find possible water leaks.

The Air Stream is then insulated with ½ inch  batting before the wiring is installed. The interior walls are laid in. Electrical is then checked out before installation of appliances or furniture. Carpet and flooring are put in before the rest of the trailer is outfitted.As with all products it must be inspected for Quality Assurance.


Then the  birth of a new Air Stream is announced in the way of putting its own unique serial number normally next to the front door for easy identification.

Air Stream estimates that 60-70 percent of the trailers were “Born” before 2006 are still on the road. Here at Storage Oregon we are a portion of that percentage. We wish to allow you the opportunity to experience your own adventure in one of our Air Streams. Visit our page to learn more:


Wally had a dream that all the comforts of home could be taken with you when you traveled in his travel trailer. Hence the bathroom with inclusive tub and shower, kitchen designed with you in mind, bedroom and living area are all put in to make you feel right at home.

Watch our youtube video and see how nice this trailer is inside and out.

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