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Tips on how to avoid a big mess when using a dump station.

This is the universal Sign For dump stations.

 Storage Oregon has the only Salem / Keizer RV Storage with a Free Dump Station !

Almost all trailers will have two holding tanks. The black tanks will hold sewage and grey water tanks will hold waste water from sinks and showers. Always dump the black water tank before the grey water tank so the grey water tank can clean the residue from the hose with soapy water.


A great idea is to wait until your black water tank is half full before dumping. You will get better tank evacuation due to the release pressure will be greater.  You might want to think about topping up your holding tanks with water just before dumping. Do not leave the black-water tank valve open when hooked up at a campsite. This will cause the solid waste to be left behind while all of the liquids drain.


A good idea is to use a heavy-duty 6-8 ft long sewer hose to make handling easier. Check and make sure that you have the right size fittings. There is a difference in the fittings due to changes in model types. Always a good idea to attach the fittings to make sure they are what you need before hitting the road.


Make sure to take with you two hoses, One for sewer, and one for fresh water. A good idea is to have two distinct buckets with lids that you can tell apart from the other so that your fresh water hose doesn’t get anywhere close to the sewer or mixed in with the other hose. You will not want to use your fresh water hose if they do due to health issues.


“Pack and use disposable rubber gloves. Learn to remove the gloves without touching the outside – peal them off (inside out) and throw away. Leave the dump station area cleaner than you found it.”

Of course you may already be a pro at dump station sites and that will make the movie with Robin Williams even more hilarious as he essentially goes through a scene of what not do when removing waste from the “RV”. Continue reading


If you own a RV or travel trailer & even some toys like a boat, quads, and trailer,  you will need to find a spot to park them during the months of the season that they are not in use.  If you are lucky enough to have additional land or a relative that does, you will not need to concern yourself with storage fee’s. However you might think about how secure are my belongings? It can get real expensive quick when either vandalism strikes or even perhaps your stuff is stolen. Think also of the neighborhood you may live in and ask yourself if they have stipulations on street parking. Sometimes the city ordinance conflicts with your ability to store a vehicle that is not in consistent use. Insurance costs are often lowered if you can show that you are parking at a storage facility with fenced and secure parking.

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RV Storage at Storage Oregon the Proven Leader in Cost and Services

At Storage Oregon we believe that,  renting RV storage spaces plus providing many higher level additional free services at a proven lower cost, is a way to earn your business. A major difference that helps distinguish Storage Oregon from the rest of the facilities is we have an inclusive list of of free services.

Storage Oregon 10 Free Services to earn your RV Parking and Storage Business.

It is our belief that like the old days when you reached the gas station to re-supply your fuel. They checked all of your fluid levels and washed your windshield as a service for coming with the hope that you would continue to return again and again, this combined with the lowest prices in the region is the standard we hope to achieve!  We want you to keep coming back to store your RV,boat,car and even your semi-truck and trailer.

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RV, Boat, Trailer Storage and Parking

We are proud serve the RV  industry,  we offer secure and 24 hour access for your RV’s, Boat, Trailers,  or Cars at  Storage Oregon.   We have new and excess parking for you to store your car or pick-up when your out driving your RV’s around.  We have opened up a large area that will be convenient and allow easy in and out access for your parking purposes.

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RV Storage Oregon 12 Free Services to earn your RV Parking and Storage Business.

When a business adds a term like service, you would expect that the price of what you are buying would grow in proportion to the service you are getting. With that being said let us assure you that the many extra services we provide at Storage Oregon doesn’t come with any phrase like ” Great, so can I add this as well to your billing?”   We want you our customer, who we are proud to serve,  to simply enjoy both  a higher level of service with the knowledge that it’s at a overall lower cost.  We would like to do more, as we are building out our  large 8 acre property and we just started.   We realize that one of the most important parts of providing a high quality low cost service is understand what you, our customers both want and need.

Our goal is to provide you the best kind of customer service that will keep you coming back for more,  and better yet tell your friends of the “good deal” your receiving at Storage Oregon.   A good example of the additional services we provide in an effort to earn your parking trust,  is our 12 free services that are part of our RV and trailer storage.  Of course we always provide these 12 free services to our RV and Trailer customer no matter if your parking a big or small rig.



1. A safe and secure place to park your vehicle, trailer or RV.
2. Free use of dump station.
3. Free use of a wash station equipped with brush, bucket and power-washer.
4. Free use of the air compressor to keep your tires at optimum levels.
5. Secure 24 hour access via a coded gate.
6. The ability for secure online payments and bill tracking.
7. Live on-site management, to help insure that your vehicle is looked after.
8. Temporary though it may be….. The free use of our office and extra parking, to meet and or coordinate with other drivers, riders and or vehicles.
9. Large concrete pad work area for an easier way to check and access the underbelly of the larger RV and rigs.
10. Gated fence with barbed wire tops.
11. 24 hour Video System to better protect your vehicle.
12. Hidden Burglar Alarms to better protect your valuable assets.

All of these 12 free services  are inclusive in our low cost RV parking service with  No hidden fees or agenda’s.  

We have added these 12 free services after listening to suggestions form you our customers, plus we  want to hear any of your additional suggestion and advice on what additional service we could add in the future, so we can improve our service even more, so please feel free to respond on how we might be able to provide you a better service in the future.


P.S.  When your driving on I-5 in North Salem were the ones often with the vintage Airstream parked next to the Interstate highway.  Were easy to see!

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Store your For Sale Truck, Car, RV, Semi-Trailer, Trailer and Toys

Store your For Sale Truck, Car, RV, Semi-Trailer, Trailer and Toys at

Storage Oregon for the Visibility factor Of  the  I-5 Corridor.

Get Five dollar$off per month of our already low prices if you mention our website in the Local paper, Nickel Ad, trader magazines, E-bay, Craigslist

We can, in your absence let the potential buyer view your “For Sale vehicle” with an escort onto and off the property at

4995 Ridge Dr NE, Salem-Keizer 97301

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Semi-Trailer, 18 Wheeler, Work truck – Parking and Storage

If you have a semi, big ridge, 18 wheeler and are you looking for a spot to store your trailer.

We provide:

Lowest affordable pricing in the Salem Keizer area.

24 Hour secure access.

Secure and safe with barbed wire topped fence.

A place to park your car during the day.

Live on property caretakers looking after your rig.

Online billing,

Complimentary Cleaning Station and much more.

Convent location next   to Interstate 5  and Salem Parkway

Just call 971-338-4444 or visit us at 4995 Ridge Dr NE Salem-Keizer 97301

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Affordable vehicle storage that: “is not taken for a ride”

We pride ourselves on making sure to fulfill your vehicle storage requests no matter how big or small.  With that said lets look back on recent events that have sparked some curiosity here at Storage Oregon.

We received a call from the East Coast to help out a client in need of storage.  Not so strange as we have ample RV  and other storage room available. His request was simple, secure storage for a Carnival ride for an affordable price.  The second request was could we find a service that could transport it to our facility as he was having difficulty obtaining such a service.

We called Dentals Towing right here in Salem. When the driver delivered the Carnival ride he chuckled and said ” I have hauled many things but this tops the list so far.”

Now as tempting as it may be, there will be no rides at the present time at Storage Oregon.

This is a good story on how we try to serve, even if we can not personally do it. We will try to find a way to fulfill the request.


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Rv, Boat, Trailer, Car and 5th Wheel complimentary cleaning Station


Complimentary use of the Pressure Washer on site part of our overall cleaning station














Cleaning station

  • Spray that mudding fun right off the rig.
  • Gentle but firm pressure to clean away the road grime.
  • Easy to Use Ergonomic handle and trigger.
  • Wheels for Easy positioning.
  • Choice of spray pattern for every project.
  • Clean the moss off the your RV with ease.
  • Sud’s capable.
  • No room or not permitted to wash your Toys, RV’s or vehicles at your location……Come see us at Storage Oregon in the Salem/Keizer area.
  • No time limit, We have 24 Hour Access.

Pressure washer

We have a high pressure (2700 PSI) gas power, mobile, pressure washier, along with our complementary pressure washer we also provide an air compressor for your  tires, vacuum for cleaning the interior, water with long retractable hose to work easily around the “Big Rig”, plus addition items to provide a complete, convenient  and easy environment to clean you big toy. Continue reading

Your Low Cost RV, Boat, and Trailer storage leader.

We proud to offer more RV,  Boat and Trailers at the lower costs. offers 24 hour live in managers to help protect you valuable items.

24 hour access to drop off or pick-up.

Cleaning station with pressure washer, water, vacuum, air compressor, to make it easy for you to clean up your rig.

High fence year with barbwire top.

Easy freeway access and view.

Please call  971-338-4444 Office or e-mail us at

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Salem / Keizer OR. - RV Storage The Best Often Cost Less !


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