Normally vehicles with low ground clearance cannot be loaded onto an auto transport. With the aid of boards on the ground to incrementally raise the ramps of the transport or even the aid of a low hill or curb that you can back up to so that the ramps can be positioned in a more level situation you can safely load a vehicle that would otherwise get damaged in the process. A driver can park the towing Vehicle on a slope that is elevated to increase the height of the tongue as well thus lowering the rear of the auto transport enough to make a safer load. The front of U-Hauls auto transport is 6 inches off the deck for the tire stop. If the clearance is not enough for the front of your vehicle, an 18 inch board can be used to raise the height by placing it where your front tires will be resting. Use a 2″x8″ board to accomplish this. Always make sure that the board is centered on the tire. It is helpful to have a helper check and watch your progress while loading and unloading to overcome any blind spots and give directions. Remember that the process for unloading will be in the reverse of loading. The potential if these techniques are not followed for damage occurring to your vehicle is greatly enhanced.

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