This is the universal Sign For dump stations.

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Almost all trailers will have two holding tanks. The black tanks will hold sewage and grey water tanks will hold waste water from sinks and showers. Always dump the black water tank before the grey water tank so the grey water tank can clean the residue from the hose with soapy water.


A great idea is to wait until your black water tank is half full before dumping. You will get better tank evacuation due to the release pressure will be greater.  You might want to think about topping up your holding tanks with water just before dumping. Do not leave the black-water tank valve open when hooked up at a campsite. This will cause the solid waste to be left behind while all of the liquids drain.


A good idea is to use a heavy-duty 6-8 ft long sewer hose to make handling easier. Check and make sure that you have the right size fittings. There is a difference in the fittings due to changes in model types. Always a good idea to attach the fittings to make sure they are what you need before hitting the road.


Make sure to take with you two hoses, One for sewer, and one for fresh water. A good idea is to have two distinct buckets with lids that you can tell apart from the other so that your fresh water hose doesn’t get anywhere close to the sewer or mixed in with the other hose. You will not want to use your fresh water hose if they do due to health issues.


“Pack and use disposable rubber gloves. Learn to remove the gloves without touching the outside – peal them off (inside out) and throw away. Leave the dump station area cleaner than you found it.”

Of course you may already be a pro at dump station sites and that will make the movie with Robin Williams even more hilarious as he essentially goes through a scene of what not do when removing waste from the “RV”.

Step by step instructions:

  1. As you have learned. Be ready for the job at hand and use your PP&E “personal protective equipment”  Use those rubber gloves and goggles or glasses for protection.
  2. Remove the tank outlet cap and connect your sewer hose to the outlet of your holding tank.  Extend the hose to the opening of the dump station, which is usually a hole in the ground that is slightly larger than the hose.  Usually there is a hinged cover over the hole (sanitary hatch).
  3. Occasionally you will be able to screw your connector into the dump station hole. However if not you should insert your sewer hose into the dump station’s hole about four to six inches. Use the cover, a brick or something heavy enough to wedge the sewer hose in place so it doesn’t come out of the hole.
  4. Once you’re sure that all is connected and held down, open your black tank valve. You’ll hear the waste water flow and stop. Close the back water tank valve and open the gray water tank valve. Again, you’ll hear water flow, then slow, and stop. Close the gray tank valve.
  5. You may want to flush and rinse your tanks. You can fill your tanks to two-thirds full (from your fresh water tank)and repeat the emptying process. If others are waiting to use the dump station, skip this step.
  6. Double check to be certain that both your black and gray water tank valves are closed and disconnect the sewer hose from your tank outlet. Replace the tank outlet cover. Lift the end of the sewer hose (the end you just disconnected) to completely drain the hose into the dump station.
  7. If a non-potable water hose is available, run water through the sewer hose to rinse it out. Remove the sewer hose from the dump station hole and rinse the outside of the hose. Rinse the area around the hole to ensure that any spillage has been cleaned up and cover the dump station hole.
  8. Go into your RV to the restroom and add a little water to your black tank and then add the appropriate amount of holding tank treatment. Always read the directions from your owners manual. If you use a treatment for your gray tank, do that as well.

With that you are finished.

If you follow these suggestions  you will find that your job is cleaner and more manageable.

Dump Station Thoughts:

  • Please leave your kids in the car while dumping waste as it will not be safe for them or your pets due to health hazards.
  • Be careful not to drop your sewer line down the hole.
  • The only thing that is allowed in the sewer is what’s in the holding tanks.
  • Do not put your used rubber gloves down the sewer, use the garbage can at hand.