Storage Oregon Storage units are recycled

Storage Oregon believes that Metal Storage shipping Containers make environmentally superior Mini Storage Units, they are recycled without losing their quality, which makes them very economical and earth friendly.  Storage Oregon’s Recycling Mini Storage Units offers many financial and environmental benefits, as it’s an important factor in:

  1. Using Recycled metal Storage containers make excellent mini storage units saving our natural resources

The amount of global metal we have access to is limited. With every day of mining, and manufacturing metal storage shipping containers reduces the resources we have left. Recycling metals or specifically re-purposing mini storage units can even in a small way, significant slow this process down, but we don’t recycle nearly enough to stop it.  Since our recycling at Storage Oregon uses very little energy than we need to mine and manufacturer new metal storage containers, it would also allow us to conserve the resources needed to produce that energy.

2. Lowering CO2 emissions

Metal storage shipping containers that are recycled and repurposed into mini storage units eliminates: Mining, processing, manufacturing, and transporting metals requires a lot of energy. And since this energy isn’t green, it results in huge amounts of CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Even if this is not directly connected to mining, and manufacturing you have to count it in the environmental cost of the whole process. By recycling, our Storage Oregon mini storage units we can limit the amount of energy needed and effectively reduce the level of CO2 emissions.

3. Saving natural habitats

There are very few processes as damaging to the environment as mining and metal manufacturing because they create both a mine site and heavy manufacturing site which is impossible to build and keep up without destroying the surrounding habitats. And we can’t forget about the risk of soil and water contamination that comes with the whole process. That’s why limiting this effect will be very beneficial.

4. Conserving energy

The more energy we use, the more CO2 is emitted during its production.  Storage Oregon recycling uses and re purposing into mini storage units only takes a small percentage of the resources needed for mining, and manufacturing to make a new one or storage building, so it’s much more sustainable.

5. The waste in new construction:

The average new construction project yields 3.9 pounds of waste per square foot of building area. Example: A 50,000-square-foot building = 97.5 tons of waste. Why support this when we have 100% recycled mini storage units at a lower cost?

6.  With  100% recycled storage units, that cost less to repurposed in dollars and the environment, allows Storage Oregon to pass on the often far lower rates to you.

Storage Oregon storage units are recycled without any loss in their quality. This means it’s not only environmentally, but also financially, and we will try to pass that lower financial cost to you in lower prices. Think about all the waste it take to produce new mini storage units. Do you really need show off ? Will anyone ever see your storage unit?  Maybe it’s time to give a new life to storage shipping container, and tell your friend you found a more environmental storage unit place where your can save money.

Thank you for making our environment important.