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The total area of the Rockwel LED screen is 89.28 square feet.

It comes with custom designed 12 foot long, 6′-10″ wide, sturdy load 5,000 pound capacity double axle trailer with breaks, you have the option of 220 or 110 power. A on board generator and computer is included. Single touch full hydraulic lift. Easy to travel self locking screens. Welded steel mast and frame. Works with or without electrical outlets. Derlin coated mast outlets. Diamond plated storage. Customized trailer design. Compete outdoor and indoor capabilities, and much more.

Rockwell LED option: starting at $1000 per day
The Rockwell includes the many following ( * ) options:

* 13 foot diagonal LED Screen: approximately 10 foot x 10 foot

* We use all standard Input signals, such as: VGA, Video, AVI, MOV, MPG, DAT, VOB and more.

* Single button Hydraulic lift system to raise the mast and screen, the single button makes raising or lower the screen as simple as it can be.

* Delrin® lined mast, to reduce friction and increase tolerances.

* High Quality large locking aluminum storage container to hold the hydraulics, generator and electronics. Keeping valuable safe and hidden especially when having big events..

* Extra wide trailer to stabilize the screen!

* Self start backup generator to provide large screen viewing with or with out electric power plugins

* 4 leveling corner stanches to change angle of the trailer/screen/slope. These welded corner stanches make setting up the video trailer very easy. .

* To support Advertising and Billboard use: LED-Trailers include hitch locks to increase prevention again theft.

* We built the video trailer systems to be extremity simple and light, so a single person in a parking lot could easily set up a system.

* Lower cost with higher standards

* Our LED-Trailers have built in GPS Trackers