Hi & thanks for your interest in our outdoor vehicle storage. Here is some information that you might find helpful!

What are the requirements for storing a car or truck at Storage Oregon?

That’s a great question! Here at Storage Oregon we do not currently have any age related requirements on vehicles. However vehicles must be running, mobile and weather tight, as all of our vehicle parking is outdoors. It is 100% fine to store a vehicle here that is a project, however we do not allow anyone to perform repair work on their vehicles here at the facility.

Also in order to store here at our facility, we require that the account holder is also one of the registered owners of the vehicle. We do provide company accounts where a company or organization can store here as well. All that is needed is that the company provides ownership documents as well as proof that the person setting up the account is authorized to sign on behalf of the company.

Just buy your vehicle? That’s perfectly fine! In addition to accepting title or registration as proof of ownership, we also accept a copy of the notice of transaction submitted that is provided to you by the DMV, as long as it shows the account holder as the registered owner. You will also need to provide Photo ID and either a credit/debit card, or a voided check for auto-pay. We do accept cash and regular checks for the initial move in payment.

What are the prices & availability?

Availability will change from day to day. We do not keep wait lists, so all move ins are first come first serve. Give us a call at 971-338-4444 to get up to the minute availability. Pricing on the other hand is dependent on the size of the space.

16′ L X 11′ W – $30 Per Month

20′ L X 11′ W – $38 Per Month

30′ L X 12′ W – $50 Per Month

35′ L X 12′ W – $55 Per Month

40′ L X 12′ W – $60 Per Month

Keep in mind that in order to store in a specific sized space, your vehicle must be shorter than the length of the space. This includes the bumpers, and any mounted equipment. Most of the time these things are not included on a title or registration – you will need to measure manually before reserving a space, as vehicles longer than their assigned spaces will be evicted if we do not have a bigger space to move you into.