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Low cost vehicle parking and storage

Is your driveway or backyard smaller than your love for camping or boating? Do you need to store your truck or RV for an extended period of time? Are you looking for seasonal or permanent storage for your soon to be recreational vehicle. Possibly looking to gain a quote for storage for the travel trailer of your dreams. We believe in giving you clear and concise answers to your questions before you purchase. Call us at Storage Oregon today and find out for your self!

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Our mission is to make your visit as pleasurable as possible every time. Offering a large assortment of parking spaces for your personal vehicles to large RVs and fifth wheels. Our site encompasses 8 Acres of available parking for your convenience which solves the problem of neighborhood ordinances and home parking space limitations.

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Storage Oregon Services

Our primary business at Storage Oregon  is RV Storage where the customer can feel secure that their vehicle is secure. We have ten free services to earn your RV parking and storage business. Rental spaces are available from as low as $25.00 monthly. Rentals are month to month on the anniversary date of the the customer moves in. We also have available spaces for Semi Parking.

At our location you have the option of booking a reservation of a U-Haul moving truck or trailer.

All made to make your move easier

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Tips on how to avoid a big mess when using a dump station.

This is the universal Sign For dump stations.

 Storage Oregon has the only Salem / Keizer RV Storage with a Free Dump Station !

Almost all trailers will have two holding tanks. The black tanks will hold sewage and grey water tanks will hold waste water from sinks and showers. Always dump the black water tank before the grey water tank so the grey water tank can clean the residue from the hose with soapy water.


A great idea is to wait until your black water tank is half full before dumping. You will get better tank evacuation due to the release pressure will be greater.  You might want to think about topping up your holding tanks with water just before dumping. Do not leave the black-water tank valve open when hooked up at a campsite. This will cause the solid waste to be left behind while all of the liquids drain.


A good idea is to use a heavy-duty 6-8 ft long sewer hose to make handling easier. Check and make sure that you have the right size fittings. There is a difference in the fittings due to changes in model types. Always a good idea to attach the fittings to make sure they are what you need before hitting the road.


Make sure to take with you two hoses, One for sewer, and one for fresh water. A good idea is to have two distinct buckets with lids that you can tell apart from the other so that your fresh water hose doesn’t get anywhere close to the sewer or mixed in with the other hose. You will not want to use your fresh water hose if they do due to health issues.


“Pack and use disposable rubber gloves. Learn to remove the gloves without touching the outside – peal them off (inside out) and throw away. Leave the dump station area cleaner than you found it.”

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RV Storage at Storage Oregon the Proven Leader in Cost and Services

At Storage Oregon we believe that,  renting RV storage spaces plus providing many higher level additional free services at a proven lower cost, is a way to earn your business. A major difference that helps distinguish Storage Oregon from the rest of the facilities is we have an inclusive list of of free services.

Storage Oregon 10 Free Services to earn your RV Parking and Storage Business.

It is our belief that like the old days when you reached the gas station to re-supply your fuel. They checked all of your fluid levels and washed your windshield as a service for coming with the hope that you would continue to return again and again, this combined with the lowest prices in the region is the standard we hope to achieve!  We want you to keep coming back to store your RV,boat,car and even your semi-truck and trailer.

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RV, Boat, Trailer Storage and Parking

We are proud serve the RV  industry,  we offer secure and 24 hour access for your RV’s, Boat, Trailers,  or Cars at  Storage Oregon.   We have new and excess parking for you to store your car or pick-up when your out driving your RV’s around.  We have opened up a large area that will be convenient and allow easy in and out access for your parking purposes.

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Mobile Truck Fleet Detailing, Cleaning up your trucks is our business.

Let us make your Semi truck, 18 wheeler,  and equipment shine.  Nothing represents success like a clean, protected and polished equipment.   Having you business trucks and equipment shine is important in today’s world of branding.   The image of dirty, or grimy unkempt equipment,  is associated with a poorly managed business, so cleaning your equipment can really help your company image which will help your bottom line.

Clean equipment provide for:

  • Improved public image—your company’s name and their truck shines.
  • Enhanced safety—clean vehicles especially after our rust reduction are easier to maintain.
  • Enhanced safety—clean and shiny vehicles are much easier to spot on the road.
  • Improved driver morale—drivers are proud to be seen in clean and shiny clean vehicles.
  • Improved vehicle life—vehicles paint and overall appearance last much longer when dirt, grime, and pollutants, are cleaned off.
  • Reduced costs —Storage Oregon mobile solutions provides everything including power source, safety equipment, training, manpower, cleaning products, equipment, parts, fuel.
  • Reduced hassles—Storage Oregon Truck detailing  is very  affordable values plus all work will be performed professionally, on time and on budget.
  • If there is a problem of any kind you can be confident that Storage Oregon will resolve it promptly to your satisfaction—our job is cleaning up, make you look good.

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Semi-Truck and Large Equipment Parking and Storage

We are proud serve the trucking industry,  we offer secure and 24 hour access for your semi trucks, 18 wheelers or industrial equipment at  Storage Oregon.   We have new and excess parking for you to store your car or pick-up when your out driving your big rig or working on your equipment.  We have opened up a large area that will be convenient and allow easy in and out access for your parking purposes.

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Gord’s Aluminum Polish

On sale at our location in the Salem / Keizer area is a product you will Come to Love.

Gord’s Aluminum-Chrome-Cleaner-Polish-Sealer

This product has cut our polishing time down from three hours to a mere half hour and which includes the prep time of gathering the red  shop  rags that Gord says to use.

Apply the polish directly to the spot , normally a two by two I have found to work best and rub it in with the red shop rag for a minimum of two minutes. This allows Gord’s Polish to work on the Aluminum for max effect. Then use a clean red shop rag or micro fiber towel to buff off the now blackened polish and revel the mirror shine. In less than ten minutes you can have a section of polished  metal that you will be proud of. Now a word of warning is that you must maintain the polish wetness to achieve the desired mirror effect.  It has been advised not to use this in direct sunlight as the polish will dry to quickly. Personally I have attempted to use the product in other than perfect shade and it doesn’t work well at all.

Before and After

If your like me you scan the instructions to get an understanding of what must be done or not read them at all. I strongly suggest for maximum results you do not take this approach. For instance, The instructions that came with Gord’s Polish stated that you must buff the product off when it is still wet unlike most polishes. I let it dry and attempted to buff it of with a buffer and ended up with what I call a patina, gord’s calls it the burnished look. Not the desired effect I was looking for. I was looking for that mirror image that will give you a suntan in moments in direct sunlight. So I read the instructions, applied the procedure and low and behold, a mirror shine just like I was looking for.

Where the clouds appear only 15 Minutes of work

Of course it has been years since this Airstream had been polished. So with a liberal amount of Gord’s Polish I set to work with the suggested (0000) steel wool and a red shop rag to make sure the years melted away to a brite and wonderful finish. It still took me less time to make this happen than what it would have using conventional methods. Truly a miracle polish that can make my work easier.

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Salem / Keizer OR. - RV Storage The Best Often Cost Less !


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