We have talked a bit in the past about the supply and demand issue for storage in Salem, Oregon. With so many out of work and prices on the rise, we wanted to circle back around and talk a bit about one of our favorite storage companies, Storage Oregon! Because of a lack of availability at many storage companies in Salem, prices have risen to artificially inflated highs.

Storage Salem Oregon is taking Low Cost Storage
to a higher level with more services for Salem & Keizer.

People are forced to pay out because there is so little storage available. At a time when finances are tight for such a large percentage of Americans, it’s unthinkable but many companies are even raising prices.

Storage Salem Oregon is a different animal. Even before the pandemic, their prices were the ones to beat. Low cost storage year around in a safe and secure facility. Whether you are looking to consolidate storage units, store household furniture and supplies, or just get a gravel parking spot for your RV, Storage Oregon has you covered.

Their prices are as follows:

Household Storage/Mini storage units                                           RV/vehicle parking

5X8 – $60                                                                                                                      16X11 – $30

10X8 – $90                                                                                                                    20X11 – $38

20X8 – $150                                                                                                                 30X12 – $50

35X12 – $55

40X12 – $60

 Semi Truck – $150

As you can see their prices are consistently lower than their competitors. However, that isn’t even the best part. Included with these already low prices are 10 amenities, at no extra charge. There isn’t another facility in Salem that even offers all of these amenities, much less for free.

Storage Oregon is launching Mobile Stash to provide mobile shipping
storage containers for moving, renting, or sale.

10 Free Amenities:

  1. Free sewer dump
  2. Coded 24/7 Gate access
  3. 24/7 HD video surveillance
  4. High barbed wire fences
  5. Large concrete work area/washpad
  6. Professional cleaning tools and washbucket
  7. Power and extension cord provided at the washstation
  8. Free use of air compressor at wash station
  9. Autopay with payment rejection protection
  10. Onsite Live in Manager

Soon to have container moving and storage for Salem and Keizer 

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today and start saving. 971-338-4444 or visit storage-oregon.com!!!