Every once in awhile in the business world we operate in, you come across a company that is really making a difference in their industry. This is particularly true with Storage Oregon based out of Salem. Founded nine years ago with the mission to provide superior storage for a lower price in a rapidly expanding state capitol where storage needs heavily outweigh the supply, Storage Oregon has made some serious waves with its unique and customer friendly approach to business.

Storage Oregon provide low cost
services to Salem, Keizer and all of Oregon.

In a market that is known for shady dealings and exorbitant prices, (not altogether surprising in an industry where demand drastically exceeds supply) Storage Oregon has set itself above the crowd with a wide variety of low-cost options for storing boats, RV’s Semi Trucks, and all kinds of vehicles. On top of that, over the last year, seeing a demand for indoor watertight storage units that real people can actually afford, Storage Oregon continues to expand its supply by adding low cost mini-storage units priced to put its competitors to shame. The best part is that in continuing with Storage Oregon’s commitment to better services at a lower price, these units  are top quality and brand new, and priced to beat anything currently on the Salem market.

You might expect lower quality from a lower cost facility, but Storage Oregon provides more services at a lower price than facilities that charge as much as 3-4 times what Storage Oregon does. It’s a shame that because of the steep demand for storage in Salem, many facilities have popped up that are little more than a gravel, dirt, and a chain link fence. That doesn’t even cover how they are charging hundreds of dollars to park out in the open air.

Storage Oregon and Mobile Stash office.

While Storage Oregon is also an outdoor based facility for their vehicle and RV storage, they take their promise to quality services at the best price to the next level. They offer open vehicle parking storage, fences topped with multiple layers of barbed wire, and onsite management monitoring security cameras that are recording 24/7 and cover the entirety of the facility, with little to no non-monitored areas–all included in the already lower price. Seriously, no other facilities we know of offers the high level amenities and services that Storage Oregon does, for a lower price than their lower quality competitors!!!

Add to that a large washpad, sized for the biggest RV’s, (cleaning tools and wash bucket provided), along with an air compressor for your tires or buffing tools, and power for electrically powered cleaning tools, or pressure washers, and that is about as good as it gets!

However the single best one of Storage Oregon’s free amenities is its 24/7 access sewer dump. Quite often the hardest part of owning an RV is finding a convenient place to empty your tanks after a long trip. With sewer dump sites closing their doors all around the nation, and an increasing demand for storage that has its competitors delighted, Storage Oregon provides dump site services at no additional charge for their customers, and in the most convenient way – at the same location they store at.

With such a wide collection of additional services, low pricing options, and 24/7 access through a coded gate, it’s easy to see why Storage Oregon is in high demand.

One might think that it’s difficult to get a space with Storage Oregon, and you would be correct! Storage Oregon is consistently full, however right now they do have limited space available, and to top it all off, several new mini-storage units! That’s right, on top of the RV Parking, they have a dedicated section of Mini-Storage units available that are move in ready in three different sizes! Plus for a limited time Storage Oregon is offering a free first month rental with a commitment for 6 months or more!

  • 5×8 for $60 per month self storage
  • 10×8 for $90 per month self storage
  • 20×8 for $150 per month self storage.
Oregon Ground-to-Ground movers of shipping
containers at affordable prices – MobileStash.com

We at Storage Oregon are an environmental conscientious company, so all of our on site storage units are made from 100% repurposed containers. We live in a throw away society, to eliminate global waste we use solutions that have been re-purposing from their prior use. The outcome is a lower total overall cost combined with environmentally friendly solutions.

We will soon be opening  Mobile Stash : Oregon’s Next Generation of Low Cost Shipping Container Ground Moving. Our Mobilestash trucks are designed for simple and easy shipping low cost shipping container ground-to-ground pickup and delivery. Have your shipping containers on the ground makes easy to make your yard into storage, put your excess inventory in to your parking lot safely and of course, it well known for construction sites to have an office, storage of material and or tool shed, many have all three.

So whether you are looking to store an RV, semi truck, boat, or just some excess household items, Storage Oregon and Mobilestash are the best place in town!