In Salem Oregon storage can be a hard commodity to come by, and as we all know when demand exceeds supply, prices go up. Many of the local storage facilities have seem to have taken the approach of, I am close to full, so lets up the prices again, and get as much out of our customers as possible. Instead of competing for the lowest price, they compete to see who can charge the most, and still stay full. While this may make sense as a business decision, it is hardly the ethical choice.

At Storage Oregon they do things a little differently. In the 9 years they have been in business, and despite an ever increasing minimum wage, and inflationary costs, Storage Oregon has only raised its prices once, and it certainly wasn’t to not to line their pockets. They consistently seek to offer their products for a lower price than competitors, and also work hard to make the whole customer experience great.

Storage Oregon started 9 years ago with only outdoor RV, Trailer, Boat and Semi storage, and on that note, they continue to provide the lowest prices in Salem, especially when you consider the wide range of included amenities


  1. Onsite Sewer Dump
  2. Secure 24/7 access through a coded gate
  3. 24/7 HD video surveillance with high powered infrared     blasters built in.
  4. 6 foot high fences with an additional foot of barbed wire on     top for added security
  5. Large concrete work area/wash-pad
  6. Wash station with water, bucket and RV washing tools.
  7. Power at wash station for electric tools, buffers, or     pressure washers.
  8. Air compressor to fill up your tires
  9. Easy secure auto-pay with Payment rejection protection
  10. Onsite Manager for added security


Storage Oregon in Salem has continued to grow its vehicle storage and boasts over 260 units. In addition to that they have added actual storage units to its menu, and consistently provide the lowest cost units in Salem. They even let you use all of those amenities, no matter what type of storage you have. Maybe you don’t have an RV to wash, well that’s OK, you can fill up your cars tires and give it a bath the next time you come check on your storage.

Salem’s Storage Oregon is dedicated to consistent improvement. Customer feedback is not only welcome, but desired. The truth is who knows what you want better than you? Some companies spend large amounts of money to fake their way to the top. At Salem’s Storage Oregon, they will never pay a penny to put a fake review on google, yelp, facebook, twitter, or any other website, and that’s because integrity is more important to them, and the truth is that if you simply bury real reviews, you will never find out what will really make your customers happy.

So next time you are in the market for a storage unit, or if you or someone you know is paying way too much, give us a call at (971) 338-4444, and treat yourself to a better storage experience, for a lower cost