Storage Oregon has long been well known in Salem, Oregon as the best deal in town to store RVs, trailers, boats and other vehicles safely outdoors. They have a reputation for providing the best storage value in the Salem/Keizer area, and all at the lowest price.

One of the best things about Salem’s Storage Oregon is that they really do offer more than just a simple parking spot. They throw in 10 of the greatest free/inculded amenities available ANYWHERE. That gives them a competitive advantage over their competition, all for the same low price.

Current free amenities at Salem’s Storage Oregon!!!

  1. Onsite sewer dump – Storage Oregon believes that one of the     most important things an RV storage place can provide is the service     that makes its customers lives the easiest. That’s why they provide     a free sewer dump onsite for their customers. So next time you are     on your way back from a trip, you can empty your tanks at the same     place you park at.
  2. Secure coded gate access – While there is never a way to     prevent all crime, Storage Oregon gives it a great shot, while     providing multiple layers of defense, and it all starts with the     entry way. With 24/7 access to the facility, each customer is issued     a personal gate code. This allows for entry any time day or night,     but also logs entry, and makes a seamless and secure transition when     replacing tenants.
  3. 24/7 HD Video Surveillance – Another part of Salem’s     Storage Oregon multi-layered defense. With hd video cameras, and     high powered infrared blasters that light up the lot like its     daytime on video, this added security feature is sure to send     criminals down the road to somewhere easier to hit.
  4. 6 foot high fences with barbed wire on top – With fences 6     foot high, and an additional foot of barbed wire on top, your     property is even safer in Salem’s Storage Oregon top notch     facility.
  5. Concrete work pad – No matter what kind of Tlc your RV     needs, take it to the washpad. Sometimes just having the space to     work on a quality work area can make the difference.
  6. Tools and wash bucket – Even better than just a simple wash     station, get your clean on with provided tools at the best, and     certainly most free wash station you can go to.
  7. Power at the wash station – While you are washing that RV,     why not wax it up too? Want to really get that RV clean, a low     powered electric pressure washer might be just the thing!!! How     about buffing it up with an electric buffer, and really put a shine     on it! Anything you need can plug in right at the wash station, and     all at no extra charge!!! Storage Oregon provides power at the wash     station for anything you need. Need to jump the battery? Hook up a     cold starter and get it going!
  8. Air Compressor – Got a flat? Don’t tear that tire up     driving it to the gas station! Fill it up fast and free, right where     you store it!
  9. Easy secure auto-pay with payment rejection protection –     Ever had a payment bounce, and get charged an arm and a leg in     charge-back fees? Not at storage oregon. When your payment bounces     due to a canceled, lost or stolen card, Storage Oregon never charges     charge-backs, or late fees, as long as you call us back within 48     hours of receiving notification by phone and/or email of the bounced     payment.
  10. Onsite manager/security – What can be better than a Manager     that live onsite, and keeps an eye on things at all hours of the     day!!!


Alot of people know all about Storage Oregons great onsite service and low costs. But did you know that on top of all of these amazing services, that Storage Oregon is now offering onsite Ministorage as well? Thats right, Salems leader in low cost storage and amenities is now offering low cost mini storage, priced to beat, and with all of the above included amenities as well. So next time you need storage, give us a call at 971-338-44444, and find out why Salem prefers Storage Oregon!!!!!