The advertisements out there refer to “Why Pay More” to get you in the door.  Well our motto is what are you going to do with the savings when you store your goods or your RV with us? We want your business and we believe we have the quality product and more bang for the buck.

Storage Oregon uses recycled mini storage units whenever possible

We at Storage Salem Oregon are an environmental conscientious company, so all of our on site storage units are made from 100% repurposed material. We live in a throw away society, to eliminate global waste we use solutions that have been re-purposing storage containers from their prior use. The outcome is a lower total overall cost combined with environmentally friendly solutions.   Please read why Recycled Mini Storage Units Helps our Environment

We also wish to let Semi-Truck drivers know that we have ample space for their rigs and trailers.

Look at all of our various service options we provide free of charge for your convenience without charging more.

10 FREE SERVICES on site Storage and RV services For Salem and Keizer:

1. A safe and secure place to park your vehicle, trailer or RV.
2. Free use of a wash station equipped with brush, bucket and power-washer.
3. Free use of the air compressor to keep your tires at optimum levels.
4. Free use of the RV dump station
5. Secure 24 hour access via a coded gate.
6. No more Oops Autopay
7. Live on-site management, to help insure that your vehicle is looked after.
8. The free use of our office and extra parking, to meet and or coordinate with other drivers, riders and or vehicles.
9. Large concrete pad work area for an easier way to check and access the underbelly of the larger RV and rigs.
10. Gated fence with barbed wire tops.
All of these 10 free services  are inclusive in our low cost RV parking service with  No hidden fees or agenda’s.
We have added these 10 free services after listening to the suggestions form you our customers, plus we  want to hear any of your additional suggestion and advice on what additional service we could add in the future, so we can improve our service even more, so please feel free to respond on how we might be able to provide you a better service in the future.
It’s in our blood to make sure you are put first and foremost. Should you have questions or suggestions we definitely want to hear from you!

To add a little spice just bring in your current billing from another storage facility and we will knock off 10% of your first months’ rent just for switching to us. We maintain that our Rates are already low and we want you to be happy with the savings you receive by storing with us.

So with that all being said….. If you want friendly customer service at a reasonably low cost then you have come to the correct place. We aim to please by filling your rental and storage needs. Come on by and give us a chance to help you in a professionally laid back manner. No high pressure sells here. Just a little friendly help to obtain what you need.

To find us please visit our main page for our easy locator