Storage Oregon is offering traditional mini-storage on our Salem location and soon we will be offering storage containers delivered to your Oregon property. We are the leader in the Salem area in providing onsite low cost RV Storage. We are now able to store your merchandise at Storage Salem Oregon low cost mini-storage. Soon we’ll be proving to be Oregon’s most efficient way to move, rent, and store mobile shipping containers in your own yard, workplace or on our property.


Storage Oregon uses Storage units that are recycled

We at Storage Salem Oregon are an environmental conscientious company, so all of our on site storage units are made from 100% repurposed material. We live in a throw away society, to eliminate global waste we use solutions that have been re-purposing storage containers from their prior use. The outcome is a lower total overall cost combined with environmentally friendly solutions. Storage Oregon has available many low cost mini-storage options ranging in many sizes — from as small as 40 square feet to as large as 160 square feet. Our Salem location can take specialized orders to accommodate most needs and sizes. We also feature drive-up mini-unit access.

Please read why Recycled Mini Storage Units Helps our Environment


We still provide safe storage for your cars, trucks, semis, trailers, motor homes, 5th wheels, and boats at Storage Oregon, Salem’s low cost leader, low priced facility.


With electronic gate access and 24-hour video surveillance, barbed wire fencing, and someone living on-site, Storage Oregon’s Salem storage facility provides the secure storage environment you want for your belongings.



Mobile Container Storage bring news levels of storage service to Oregon

Storage Salem Oregon is launching Mobile Stash to provide mobile shipping storage containers for moving, renting, or sale. We will have the most cost-effective way of moving mobile containers with the ability to provide land based, low cost delivery of shipping containers in Oregon. Soon, you can own or rent shipping containers on your own property, workplace or at Storage Oregon. We will be providing the moving, with easy delivery and pick up solutions that also includes both renting and selling of containers by Storage Oregon.