Times are hard, and everyone is downsizing their expenses and trying to cut back. One of the great ways you can do so is by downsizing your storage and/or moving to a new facility where the prices are lower!

Storage Salem Oregon has many options from RV Storage, Traditional Onsite Mini Storage, and soon to have Container Storage, Container Moving with Rental and Sales with Mobile Stash.

Storage Salem Oregon is offering traditional
mini-storage on our Salem/Keizer location and
soon we will be offering storage
containers delivered to your Oregon property.

Storage Oregon is a great option for those looking to cut back on expenses because their storage options are size-for-size some of the lowest cost units in town. Once you add in the 10 amenities they provide for free to their storage customers, its easy to see why most of the year around they are consistently full.

10 Free Amenities

  1. Free sewer dump – Whether you are opting for indoor household storage, or storing your RV onsite with Storage Salem Oregon – This free onsite sewer dump is a great way to save money for the avid camper.
  2. Coded 24/7 Gate access – Providing access at all hours for customers. Every customer is issued their own personal gate code which is deactivated upon move out for extra security
  3. 24/7 HD video surveillance – High definition recordings deter crime and assist in the capture of would be criminals.
  4. High barbed wire fences – You can’t break in if you can’t get in! With barbed wire topped fences, and the isolated location away from foot traffic, Storage Oregon is the ideal location to store trailers, RV’s, boats, household items and much much more!
  5. Large concrete work area/washpad – Whether you need to wash the trailer you are storing, or just want to use the space to wash your personal vehicle on your way home from work, Storage Oregons wash station with wash bucket and cleaning tools provided is a great place to do that for free!!!
    Storage Oregon is launching Mobile Stash to provide
    mobile shipping storage containers for moving, renting, or sale.
  6. Professional cleaning tools and washbucket – Provided along with hose and sprayer for a higher level of clean!!!
  7. Power and extension cord provided at the washstation – Boasting a wide variety of uses for power. Whether you want to hook up an electric pressure washer or electric cleaning/buffing tools, or just hook up a boombox for some tunes while you clean, Customers are entitled to free use of the power while using the wash station!!!
  8. Free use of air compressor at wash station – Again, a wide variety of uses for an air compressor at the wash station. Hook up compressor powered cleaning/buffing tools, or use the provided attachment to fill up the air in your tires. It is recommended that you check/top off the air in your tires every 30 days – what better place to make this a habit, than while checking on your storage once a month and doing it for free!!!
  9. Autopay with payment rejection protection – Autopay is its own reward, but to top it all off, as long as you are set up on the mandatory autopay program you will never be charged late fees or payment rejection fees as long as you take care of issues within 48 hours of being contacted by management
  10. Onsite Live in Manager – Onsite management patrolls several times daily, and performs spot security checks to make sure only customers and employees are present in the facility

So whether you are looking for outdoor vehicle/RV parking or indoor mini storage for household items, Storage Oregon provides more amenities, at a lower price, and can really help with cutting back those costs!!! So give them a call and set up a safe and healthy virtual move in appointment today! – 971-338-4444.