Every once in awhile in the business world, you come across a business that takes an innovative new approach to its industry. Nowhere is that more true than at Storage Oregon. Founded 8 years ago in Salem, Oregon – a growing city that struggles to keep up with the demand for more storage facilities, Storage Oregon has taken a very different approach to its marketing and business strategies.

In a market that is increasingly likely to gouge its customers (as often happens when demand exceeds supply), Storage Salem Oregon has held fast with low cost options for RV, Semi, vehicle, and boat storage. Even now it continues to expand its operation by adding low cost mini-storage units at a more than competitive price. One of the things that really sets Storage Oregon apart is their commitment to quality even when keeping prices low.

At Storage Oregon not only do we have the best prices in Salem Keizer for RV & Mini Self Storage we have one of the best security systems. https://www.storage-oregon.com/

You might expect cheap quality from a low cost facility, but Storage Oregon provides more services at a lower price than facilities that charge 3-4 times as much. Because of the steep demand for storage, facilities that are little more than a gravel parking lot with a chain link fence are charging hundreds of dollars to park out in the open. While Storage Oregon is also an outdoor based facility, they really take their services to the next level. In addition to their open space storage, their fences are topped with multiple layers of barbed wire. Onsite Management monitors security cameras that are recording 24/7 and cover the entirety of the facility, with little to no non-monitored area.

Owner: Randy Durig – We are proud to provide
RV, Mini Self storage and much more,
at what we believe is the best and lowest
Prices in Salem, Keizer. https://www.storage-oregon.com/

Storage Oregon owner Randy Durig is quoted as saying “My philosophy to building businesses is a simple one. Offer more and better services, for a lower price, and customers will come to you!”

Boasting a large RV Ready wash pad, with tools and wash bucket provided, along with air for your tires, and power for electrically powered cleaning tools, or pressure washers, one might thing that is about as good as it gets, but the crème de la king of Storage Oregon’s services is its 24/7 access sewer dump. Quite often the hardest part of owning an RV is finding a convenient place to empty your tanks after a long camping trip. With more and more dump sites closing their doors, and demand for storage that has made their competitors cocky, Storage Oregon provides dump site services at no additional charge for their customers, and in the most convenient way – at the same place they store at.

Mini Self Storage Units are very affordably at Storage Oregon. Self storage
(a shorthand for “self-service storage”, and also known as “Device storage”)
is an industry in which storage space (such as rooms, lockers, containers,
and/or outdoor space), also known as “storage units” is rented to tenants,
usually on a short-term basis (often month-to-month). Self-storage tenants
include businesses and individuals. https://www.storage-oregon.com/

With this wide array of amenities, on top of consistently low pricing and 24/7 access through an individually coded gate-box, it’s easy to see why Storage Oregon is in high demand. You might think to yourself that it would be hard to get a space with Storage Oregon, and you would be right! Storage Oregon is consistently full, however right now they do have limited space available! Plus On top of the RV Parking They have a dedicated section of Mini-Storage units available that are move in ready!!! 10×8 storage units for only $99 per month!!!!!

So whether you are looking to store an RV, semi truck, boat, or just some excess household items, Storage Oregon is the best place in town!!!!!

Storage Oregon
4995 Ridge Dr N.E.
Salem Oregon 97301