In the Salem/Keizer Oregon market, when it comes to quality storage at an affordable price, there is only one name that always comes up, and that is Storage Oregon. Well known for its outdoor vehicle and RV storage, they have recently expanded into indoor storage units, and are accepting customers from all over Oregon.

Storage Salem Oregon Mini,
RV and Container Low Cost Storage.

It is surprising to find a company that charges as low as half of some of their local competitors (when compared to the Portland market), Storage Oregon can be as low as a third the cost, for approximately the same size of unit. The best part is that instead of cutting corners at its facility to compensate for lower costs, they provide one of the most comprehensive lists of included amenities that we have ever seen.

10 Free Amenities

  1. Free sewer dump – It doesn’t matter if you are opting for indoor household storage, or storing your RV onsite with Storage Oregon, you can empty your tanks anytime 24/7 for free at their facility, but only if you are a storage customer!!!
  2. Coded 24/7 Gate access – Providing access at all hours for customers. Every customer is issued their own personal gate code which is deactivated upon move out for extra security.
  3. 24/7 HD video surveillance – High definition video surveillance is a great deterrent to crime and helps Storage Oregon stay ahead of the competition.
  4. High barbed wire fences – You can’t break in if you can’t get in! With barbed wire topped fences, and the isolated location away from foot traffic, Storage Oregon is a secure and protected place to store your valuable belongings. This is a great second layer of security in addition to our secure disk style locks and suggested hitch locks.
  5. Large concrete work area/washpad – Great for washing either your stored vehicles/trailers/boat, or just washing your car after you come check on your property!
  6. Professional cleaning tools and wash bucket – Provided along with hose and sprayer for a higher level of clean!!!
  7. Power and extension cord provided at the wash station – whether you want to plug in a shop vac, or just an electric buffer, power is available for your needs.
  8. Free use of air compressor at wash station – Hook up compressor powered cleaning/buffing tools, or use the provided attachment to fill up the air in your tires. It is recommended that you check/top off the air in your tires every 30 days – what better place to make this a habit, than while checking on your storage once a month and doing it for free!!!
  9. Autopay with payment rejection protection – Autopay is its own reward, but to top it all off, as long as you are set up on the mandatory autopay program you will never be charged late fees or payment rejection fees as long as you take care of issues within 48 hours of being contacted by management.
  10. Onsite Live in Manager – Onsite management patrols several times daily, and performs spot security checks to make sure only customers and employees are present in the facility.
    Mobilestash – Simple Convent & Affordable
    Container Solutions for the Oregon Market.

Storage Oregon is proud to launch a container storage and moving service.  It called Mobilestash. We are excited to bring simplicity and lower cost to the container moving and storage business.

So whether you are looking for outdoor vehicle/RV parking or indoor mini storage for household items, Storage Oregon provides more amenities, at a lower price, and can really help with cutting back those costs!!! So give them a call and set up a safe and healthy virtual move in appointment today! –