Storage Oregon is owned by a local family that now has its 5th generation living in Oregon. They are proud Oregonians that work hard to make their State and Local Community a better place in every way possible.

They realized that the City of Salem was changing the rules for on street parking of recreation vehicles and campers and that local city residents would be forced to find alternative locations.  So they bought some very unkept land and started Storage Oregon with the idea of providing a solid low-cost RV parking alternative which the City soon required for all of its citizens.

That’s when they established their 3 simple rules that you their customers asked for:

  1. Try to provide low cost improving services.
  2. Try to improve our environment.
  3. Make Oregon a better place for others, including for our children.

They soon were successful and wanted to provide and start a higher level of services. While living in Oregon all these years they had a good understanding that Oregonians really want a clean, beautiful and environmentally conscious state, and that recycling is very important for everyone to achieve this goal.

So they are one of the very few mini storage companies that provide 100% repurposed mini storage units. They know that they often do not look as good, but everyone knows organic solutions often do not look as good, but who looks at your storage unit anyway?  They found out not only can they use recycled storage units, but they could also do this under the three objectives, saving Oregon landfills and our environment

Did You Know? That it takes almost four pounds of waste for every square foot of rentable storage space? Again they believe this is important, and they have been able to do this at a lower overall cost for you.

This is Storage Oregon
100% recycled mini storage.

Soon after offering mini storage units from repurposed shipping continues, they became very large fans, especially with concerned Oregonians concerned with the current problems associated with the dumping of Chinese metal shipping containers, especially on the West Coast and Oregon.

With the China economy booming, they have become a massive exporter of products to the United States including to the Pacific Northwest’s Willamette River and Seattle Ocean ports, often sending us one way only container shipments. China was choosing the West Coast because it is much closer, reducing their overall shipping cost.  The West Coast and Oregon became flooded / dumped on with only slightly used metal shipping containers. However, they are affordable!

The crux to solving this environmental waste problem was the need to increase the demand, knowing the metal shipping containers provided so many incredible options, with very little energy or work to totally repurposed them. They are possibly the most environmentally friendly option of all recycled products.

Shipping containers are an efficient and affordable to move once they are on the ground. According to the Oregon Storage CEO:

Randy Durig the owner
and Founder of Storage Oregon.

“For example, look at how they are used in our mini storage. We worked (mostly in our heads for years) to solve this Gordian knot and found a firm that had already solved this, and with their support and us buying their Portland and Salem rights was when we launched Mobile Stash.

Our new system is  much more efficient, needing only one vehicle to pick up and deliver, ground to ground, shipping containers.  And since this was a smaller more efficient and simpler truck we realized over time we could offer this service at a much lower cost and of course the smaller truck was for better for our environment. Especially when you consider our competitors often use two over-powered vehicles, a forklift and a heavy truck to do the same job.

Soon we will be offering lower cost solutions, with 100% recycled containers, parked at or removed from the location of your choosing.  This is the next Generation of ground containers and recycling, when the final environmental recycled product becomes the superior overall low-cost solution!

Thus again, we can attain our three very important goals which you have asked for,  providing very low cost service, while improving our environment, and making Oregon a better place for all of us to live.

So we will soon be launching

We know we are providing a better solution and our success is for only one reason: our customers, you.  Our goals and motives are to make Oregon a better, more affordable place for all our children.

Since you made our success possible, it is (and will be) our duty to serve you.

We above all simply want to thank you.”

Please tell us what would be important for you, because without you, our success would be impossible. Again thank you.