When you are looking for a place to store your prized belongings, what is most important to you? This is a question that we asked ourselves when evaluating the storage facilities in the Salem Oregon area. Storage is a very personal thing. Certainly what you are storing is personal, and you want to find the right company that will both protect your property, but also meet all of your personal requirements.

Do you need climate control for expensive instruments? Dual layer security? Onsite management? What type of access hours do you require? All of these questions and more are things you should ask yourself before deciding on a place to store your treasured keepsakes and valuables.

Here in Salem Oregon, storage can be hard to find. To begin with, there is far more demand for storage than availability, and of course the better facilities are very expensive, because hey they can! That is why we set out to see if we could find a local place that provides a good value and isn’t falling apart at the seams.

We started with a quick google search and began visiting facilities one by one. You wouldn’t believe the condition that some of those places were in. There was even one that had a nice big hole in the wall, which was fortunate for the giant rat we saw run inside. That was definitely a hard pass! Fortunately after that our next stop was a brand new facility. It was nice and clean if not exactly well laid out, and the price was absurd.

Halfway through the second day we stopped by a facility in northeast Salem called Storage Oregon. Listed online as RV Storage, Mini / Self Storage Units – Low Cost – Salem / Keizer – Storage Oregon, I was shocked at the difference in this facility. Storage Oregon caters to multiple types of storage. They have a wide variety of storage options. A good portion of their lot is dedicated to RV, boat, semi and vehicle storage, but excitingly, they also have extremely new mini-storage units, and all offered at the best prices in town.

When I first met the staff there they were very friendly and courteous. They even gave me a short tour of the site – which included a wide variety of amenities and services, some of which I have never seen before at a storage facility. You can tell many of those amenities are geared towards vehicle storage. For example, they have a wash-pad with power, an air compressor, and running water, as well as tools and a wash-bucket for their customers to use, all free of charge. There is a sewer dump onsite as well, all of which can be used by all storage customers if they want, not just the vehicle storage users.

Other amenities include: an onsite management; barbed wire fences in addition to locked units for dual layer security; and 24/7 entry for customers through coded gate access available at no extra charge. I’ll be honest, I put in my 30 day notice at my current storage place that afternoon and took a 10×8 unit with Storage Oregon. All of the units are not only in like new condition (all of them built recently), but the price could just not be beat. No matter where we looked after that, Storage Oregon’s offer just couldn’t be beat.

So when you are looking for storage in Salem, Oregon stop by and talk to the team at Storage Oregon. Whether you need mini storage, RV parking, or just a place to store your car while you sell it, these guys are the best, and you can’t beat their prices!!!

Storage Oregon – 971-338-4444

4995 Ridge Dr NE, Salem Oregon, 97301