Security is quite possibly the single most important qualification to look for in a storage facility. Heck, its pretty much the entire reason you pay for a storage unit instead of just cramming it all in your grandma’s barn. As an active part of the Community in Salem, Oregon, we can proudly say that we love living here. Its big enough to have plenty to do, but not so big that it’s overwhelming. It is within driving distance of the beach, mountains, and countless hiking and camping spots, It’s easy to see why Oregon, and in particular Salem residents are so in touch with Nature.

But just as important as the good things, Salem also has its problems. Storage complexes are prime targets for drug addled petty criminals. Small portable items that can be quickly converted to cash or traded directly for drugs are in high demand, and many storage facilities in Salem aren’t doing enough to prevent it, or catch the culprits behind it. Fortunately for all of us here in Salem, Storage Oregon is different.

Storage Oregon works extra hard to not only prevent break ins, but they also work closely with local LEOs to catch the responsible parties, on the rare occasion that a break in does occur. For the last 7 years they have had far less break ins than other storage facilities, and boast an impressive 100% success rate in catching the culprits and bringing them to prosecution. They have assisted not only in identification, but also have helped the police catch, and recover property for their clients.

That being said, the best security measures are preventative, rather than reactive. Their mini storage units have never been broken into, and they boast many excellent security features like the following:

  • Coded gate access with individual codes for each customer.
  • Above average security camera placement.
  • On site live in manager.
  • Specialty designed latches that prevent bolt cutters from being able to be used.
  • Random security checks on persons inside the facility to make sure they belong there.
  • Strict loitering prohibitions.
  • 6 foot high fences with barbed wire on top.
  • Alarmed traps placed around the facility that will go off if an item is moved or stolen. All of these security features clearly make Storage Oregon one of the most secure storage facilities in the area, and all without resorting to dangerous measures like electrified fences that can hurt or even kill pets or young children.

All of these, and many more included, amenities are at no additional charge, which is great news especially seeing as their prices are lower than any other facility we could find in the area. So you gotta ask yourself, if Storage Oregon is doing so much more, for so much less, what exactly are you paying more for at those other facilities??? Well, that’s a question we really don’t have an answer to, but we can tell you the other things that Storage Oregon does provide you at no extra charge!!!

  • A free wash station to wash your vehicle, with tools and a washbucket.
  • A free sewer dump if you have a trailer or RV that you need to empty the tanks.
  • Power at the wash station for cleaning tools.
  • An Air compressor to fill up your tires (It is recommended to check your tire pressures monthly, why not do it while checking on your belongings?)
  • Easy secure autopay with payment rejection protection.

So if you are in the market for Mini Storage (or RV/vehicle storage too) make sure you check out Storage Oregon, and save some money, all while taking advantage of high security and 10 free included amenities.