We are proud serve the trucking industry,  we offer secure and 24 hour access for your semi trucks, 18 wheelers or industrial equipment at  Storage Oregon.   We have new and excess parking for you to store your car or pick-up when your out driving your big rig or working on your equipment.  We have opened up a large area that will be convenient and allow easy in and out access for your parking purposes.

You might want to eliminate the hassles of moving your truck to a variety of places such as nights parking at a grocery outlet, or maybe along side the road.  With our cities and local governments policies becoming much stricter,  you owe it to yourself to park where you know you won’t be badgered about moving or getting tickets or warnings.

The safety of your valuable equipment or truck is very important to us,  so we have on live on site managers to look over your equipment,  a barber wire topped fence, with 24 hour gated access where you never have to leave your seat to have the gate open,  this proves an  ease of use, while also protecting your equipment from theft and vandalism, both appear to be raising in Salem do to our poor economy.

Come to Storage Oregon and enjoy the peace of mind that your truck and trailer can have a secure home too.

You can also enjoy the many conveniences that are complimentary at Storage Oregon.  Our big rig clients like the complimentary Wash Station equipped with Pressure washer, Air & Vacuum please see our 10 free services. 

PS.  Along with our free cleaning station we have superior on-site truck detailing, so you could park your dirty old looking truck on a Friday and have a superior custom pressure wash, then have your truck attacked with a rust reducer and abatement process, after a top to bottom bath and cleaning, and the rust reduction solution, we then give you vehicle our special tire and brake dust, road grime and grease remover to your wheels and tires, then have your paint, chrome and metal including your tires sealed, shined and protected with a high quality sealants that we beleive to be the best in the US, and finally a superior quality aircraft  professional polished applied, all by Monday morning, the process is very affordable and can help create a lasting WOW factor for your clients.

To learn more about our professional dealing please click here.

Fleet pricing for truck and equipment storage or quality mobile detailing is available upon request as we know that its important to keep that bottom line feasible to make it yet another year.


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