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At Storage Oregon we believe that the way to earn your business and trust is to not only rent RV and Self Mini Storage unit spaces at a lower cost, but also to provide many additional higher level services, free of charge to our customers. A major difference that helps distinguish Storage Oregon from the rest of the facilities is that inclusive list of of free services.

Storage Oregon 10 Free Services to earn your RV Parking and Storage Business.

You may remember back in the old days when you reached the gas station to re-supply your fuel; They checked all of your fluid levels and washed your windshield as a service for coming with the hope that you would continue to return again and again. This combined with the lowest prices in the region is the standard we hope to achieve!  We want you to keep coming back to store your RV,boat,car and even your semi-truck and trailer.

We took the liberty of doing a comparison study of the many various other facilities in our Salem region, to prove to ourselves as-well as to ensure you, that we have the best overall options for you and your vehicles;  Storage Oregon is heads above the competition with the most comprehensive services at the lowest prices in our available area.

With that being said, please compare our pricing below taken on 12-23-2011 and check for yourself what will work in your best interest.

At Storage Oregon we will go the extra mile to earn your trust.

We believe that you will be coming back again and again.



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Selecting the right storage for yourself starts with an informed decision.

Our aim is to provide value added service without inflating the cost!

Storage Oregon 10 Free Services to earn your RV Parking and Storage Business.

Size (WxL) Monthly
Outside Parking, RV/Vehicle Storage
Outside Parking, RV/Vehicle Storage
(Drive Through Access)
Outside Parking, RV/Vehicle Storage
Outside Parking, RV/Vehicle Storage
(Drive Through Access)
Size (WxL) Monthly
Parking, RV/Vehicle Storage  
Parking, RV/ Semi-Truck Storage  
Parking, RV/ Semi-Truck Storage  

Semi Trucks

After spending a considerable amount of time scouring the many websites and calling various facilities along the I-5 region; it has been our findings that Storage Oregon is the only facility that has enough room to allow for Semi-truck parking. The closest other facility that we could locate actually has parking for large rigs like semi-trucks in Brooks, but currently is only accepting large corporate parking, and leaving the smaller owner operators to fend for themselves. We have ample room at Storage Oregon for Semi-Trucks and trailers and we also will always treat you with respect no-matter if you work for a big company or for yourself.

We are currently expanding our available parking as we have a 8 acre site that is under utilized. Watch our site as we continue to improve the land to meet your needs.

Below is a list of Storage Facilities and costs that provide Outside RV Storage in the Salem Area:

  • Highway 22 Storage                The only other facility that allows 24 Access

130 50th Avenue Northwest
Salem, Oregon

  • Turner Road Storage                RV Parking for $50.00 a month

4555 Turner Rd Storage SE             RV Parking for $35.00 a month to back in.
Salem, Oregon                    ( These prices are per Vehicle)

  • Polk County Storage                Outside parking for $25.00 a month

590 Hoffman Rd
Independence, Oregon

  • Affordable Storage                 Outside parking for $35.00 a month

885 N Main St (Hwy 51)
Independence, Oregon

  • Salem Self Storage North            RV Parking 20’ for  $40.00 a month

2391 Claxter Road NE            RV Parking 40’ for  $60.00 a month
Salem, Oregon

  • Self Store                    RV Parking 20’ for  $44.00 a month

    3191 Del Webb Ave NE
Salem, Oregon

It is our wish for you to be informed in your decision. Please let us know as prices change at these facilities.  It is our quest is to be the very best facility with the lowest prices (More bang for your buck).  Thank You

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Salem / Keizer OR. - RV and Mini Storage The Best Often Cost Less !


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